Social media content ideas for the travel and hospitality business

Does anyone remember a world without Facebook or Instagram? Today, social media content is the language of all business owners. Through them, we see a chance for the success of our brands. Thanks to them, we can contact our potential guests and sell our services. However, social media content can be a nightmare for travel […]
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Does anyone remember a world without Facebook or Instagram? Today, social media content is the language of all business owners. Through them, we see a chance for the success of our brands. Thanks to them, we can contact our potential guests and sell our services.

However, social media content can be a nightmare for travel business owners. It is time-consuming work that requires constant creativity. To achieve the right reach and engage your audience, you need to publish interesting and original content daily. But where to find the time and energy for it in the rush of the travel season?

To make things easier for you, below, I have included some ideas for social media content that will speed up your work and help you build an engaged community around your tourism brand.


Importance of user-generated content in your social media strategy

UGC is social media content that can save you not only time but also build an authentic brand. It has been proven that consumers trust the opinions of other internet users and their families the most, therefore the use of user-generated content may contribute to increased engagement.

What to publish: UGC is all the content created by your visitors and recipients. It consists of opinions, photos, videos, and comments. In addition to reposting existing content, you can also try to use stories on Instagram. Ask questions and ask for comments.

More social media ideas for user-generated content:

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Share positive reviews and testimonials from guests who have stayed at your hotel or experienced your travel services. Include their photos and comments for authenticity.

Travel Stories and Journals:

Encourage your audience to share their travel stories or create travel journals. Ask them to document their experiences and share them on your platform, highlighting the destinations and activities.

Photo Contests:

Run a photo contest where followers can submit their best travel photos featuring your brand or destination. Feature the winning entries on your social media channels.

Destination Recommendations:

Ask your audience to share their favorite travel destinations, hidden gems, or must-visit spots. Create a series of posts showcasing these recommendations.

Travel Tips and Hacks:

Invite users to share their travel tips and hacks. Compile the best suggestions into informative and shareable posts that can help others plan their trips.

Travel Challenges:

Create fun and engaging travel challenges. For example, ask followers to share their most unique travel selfie or their favorite travel-related quote.

Local Cuisine Experiences:

Encourage users to share pictures and stories of their favorite local dishes from their travels. This can create a mouth-watering series showcasing diverse cuisines.

Adventure Moments:

Request users to share their adventurous moments, whether it’s hiking, snorkeling, or any other exciting activity. Compile these moments into an adrenaline-pumping series.

Custom hashtag:

Start a weekly hashtag campaign where followers can use a specific hashtag to share their travel-related content on designated days. Feature the best posts on your profile.

Local Culture Exploration:

Prompt followers to share their experiences immersing themselves in local cultures. This can include attending festivals, trying traditional clothing, or participating in cultural activities.

Latest Updates

Sharing the latest news from the life of your travel company is an idea for social media content that will, above all, appeal to your regular followers who have already established a closer relationship with your brand. They are most often curious about what is happening behind the scenes of your company.

Share with them changes to the offer, new decisions, and improvements. Even the renovation and refreshing of hotel rooms can turn out to be an interesting topic. In the end, you will show that you do not stand still and that you are constantly improving your business.

Examples of the latest updates you can share on your social media:

Exclusive Loyalty Rewards Program:

Share news about the launch of a special loyalty rewards program exclusively for your regular followers. Highlight the perks, discounts, and unique experiences they can enjoy as a part of this program. Express gratitude for their continuous support and loyalty.

Upcoming Group Tours with Insider Access:

Excite your regular followers by announcing upcoming group tours with exclusive insider access. Whether it’s VIP access to local attractions, private guided tours, or unique cultural experiences, let them know they are in for something extraordinary as a part of your travel community.

Personalized Travel Packages for Returning Guests:

Demonstrate your commitment to personalized experiences by introducing tailored travel packages for your returning guests. Showcase how you’ve curated special itineraries or added personalized touches based on their past preferences, creating a unique and unforgettable travel experience just for them.

Mention your employees in your social media

Behind every business, some people make sure your guests are happy. Sharing your team members, what is important to them, and what they value most in working in the tourism industry can position you as a business that cares about people and creates good working conditions. That’s how you gain trust.

Research proves that companies that invest in employer branding can count on greater customer loyalty.

Here are examples of social media content you can share with your audience:

Employee Spotlight Series:

Introduce your team members through a regular spotlight series. Share their photos, roles, and a brief personal story about what inspires them in the tourism industry. This humanizes your brand, showcasing the passion and dedication your team brings to creating memorable experiences for guests.

Employee Values and Insights:

Dedicate posts to highlight the values and perspectives of your team members. Discuss what aspects of working in the tourism industry they find most fulfilling and how their values align with providing exceptional service. This content reinforces your commitment to creating a team-driven culture focused on guest satisfaction.

“A Day in the Life” Employee Takeovers:

Allow team members to take over your social media accounts for a day. They can share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their daily routines, the challenges they overcome, and the joy they find in ensuring guest satisfaction. This not only humanizes your brand but also provides an authentic look at your company’s inner workings.

Employee Recognition and Milestones:

Celebrate your team’s achievements and milestones, both personal and professional. Whether it’s work anniversaries, certifications, or noteworthy accomplishments, acknowledging your employees publicly reinforces positive company culture and showcases your commitment to their growth and well-being.

Employee Testimonials and Stories:

Collect testimonials or personal stories from your team members discussing their experiences working in the tourism industry. Share anecdotes about interactions with guests, memorable moments, and the impact their roles have on creating positive travel experiences. These testimonials contribute to building trust and showcasing the genuine passion within your team.

Local Business Shout-Outs

As a tourist business owner, you can establish professional relationships with local businesses that share your values and approach to work.

If you work with local businesses, e.g., fresh produce suppliers, restaurants, and transport companies, showing them can be a great idea for social media content.

Research shows that consumers trust a brand that has a mission and vision and supports sustainable development. By supporting local businesses and creating strong networks, you will show your followers that your brand is focused on relationships and high-quality services.

Use travel tips as a social media content strategy.

Here is an example of social media content highlighting your business partners:

Behind-the-Scenes Collaborations:

Take your audience behind the scenes of your collaborations with local businesses. Share images or videos of joint efforts, whether it’s selecting fresh produce for a special menu, coordinating transportation services, or planning events together. This content reinforces the authenticity of your local partnerships.

Highlighting Shared Values:

Create posts that emphasize the shared values and ethos between your tourist business and local partners. Discuss the importance of sustainability, community support, or any other common values that contribute to a positive impact on the destination and its residents.

Community Events and Collaborations:

Announce or document community events or initiatives where your business collaborates with local establishments. This could include joint promotions, charity drives, or local festivals. Share the excitement and positive outcomes of these collaborations, reinforcing the sense of community support.

Customer Experiences with Local Partners:

Encourage your guests to share their experiences with the local businesses you collaborate with. Ask for reviews or testimonials about the restaurants they’ve visited, the local produce they’ve enjoyed, or the seamless transportation services they’ve experienced. User-generated content adds authenticity to your collaborations.

Share travel tips on your social media

Recent studies have shown that especially the young generation (Gen Z) uses social media to search for information. Instagram and TikTok are used more often for this purpose than, for example, Google. You can use this potential and share your travel tips.

A good idea for social media content can be not only information on attractions but also how to prepare for a trip – from the right clothes to the choice of insurance. You will thus show yourself as an expert in the tourism industry.

Here are examples of social media posts for tips and hacks:

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Insider Tips Edition

Create a weekly series where you share insider travel tips every Wednesday. Cover diverse topics, such as packing hacks, budget-friendly accommodations, or lesser-known attractions. Leverage engaging visuals and concise captions to capture the attention of the Gen Z audience.

“TikTok Travel Hacks Challenge”

Encourage your audience to share their best travel hacks through a TikTok challenge. Ask them to create short, creative videos showcasing their favorite travel tips using a dedicated hashtag. This not only promotes user-generated content but also taps into the preferred platform for Gen Z.

“Insta-Insights: Travel Edition”

Share quick and visually appealing travel tips on Instagram through carousel posts or reels. Cover topics like solo travel safety, must-have gadgets, or how to find hidden gems. Use a mix of eye-catching graphics and relatable captions to make the information easily digestible.

“Travel Tuesday Q&A Sessions”

Host weekly Q&A sessions on your Instagram Stories where followers can ask travel-related questions. Respond with practical tips, personalized recommendations, and insights. This interactive format not only provides valuable information but also encourages engagement.

“Gen Z’s Ultimate Travel Guide Series”

Develop a series of comprehensive guides targeting Gen Z travelers. Cover a range of topics, from planning a gap year to sustainable travel practices. Utilize both Instagram and TikTok to share bite-sized tips and tricks, making the content easily shareable and relatable for the younger audience.

Share special moments with your social media audience

Special moments happen now and then in the travel industry, so why not share them with your audience? Awards and distinctions are one of the ideas for social media content. However, you can also share information about the lives of your visitors.

If you organize weddings or birthday parties in your facility, ask the event’s heroes if you could share their happiness on your social media. Many people want to share their joy with others and will let it be published.

Show action in your pictures.

Your Offer in Action

Often, travel business owners publish photos that are not dynamic. They are often just boring. Remember that as humans, we naturally focus our attention on others, so photos of people who match your audience profile may suggest to others that your offer is right for them.

Showing action and emotions is an important element of social media content in the tourism industry. Your goal should be to stimulate the imagination and make the potential guests dream about spending their vacation with you.

Here are the tips on how to make your content more engaging:

“Adventure Chronicles” Photo Series:

Share a series of visually stunning photos capturing real travelers experiencing thrilling adventures offered by your business. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or exploring local markets, focus on the dynamic elements and emotions. Highlight the joy, excitement, and awe in each shot to create a sense of immersion.

“Guest Takeovers” on Instagram Stories:

Collaborate with your guests to take over your Instagram Stories for a day. Ask them to share their experiences in real time, showcasing the activities and emotions they are enjoying during their stay. This not only provides authentic content but also gives potential guests a firsthand look at the excitement your business offers.

“Behind-the-Scenes Action” Videos:

Create engaging behind-the-scenes videos that showcase the energy and activity behind your travel experiences. Capture moments of preparation, guide interactions, and the actual experiences. Use fast-paced editing, upbeat music, and genuine emotions to convey the vibrant atmosphere of your offerings.

“Emotion-Focused Storytelling” Blog Series:

Create a blog series that narrates the emotional journey of your guests during their experiences. Share stories that evoke joy, gratitude, or a sense of accomplishment. Intertwine these narratives with vibrant images, allowing potential guests to connect emotionally and envision themselves partaking in the adventures you offer.

Local Attractions

This is one of the most obvious ideas, but equally important in building a social media strategy. Remember to show your guests what else they can do in your area. If you run a hotel in picturesque mountains, show what attractions await them. This will help them decide that they want to invest their time in your location.

Ask Us Anything – social media lives

Social media is the perfect tool to start a conversation with your audience. People are naturally interested in what happens with their favorite brands. Their curiosity also prompts them to ask questions. For many people, running a travel agency or hotel is a real mystery. Therefore, you can use social media to satisfy their curiosity.

Instagram gives you the option to add a comment field in stories. You can regularly give your guests the opportunity to ask you their questions. It is also a good way to get to know their needs and concerns in detail. This way, you can use them to improve your offer.

Show that you know what your audience likes.

Address Specific Interests of Your Ideal Guest

This is an idea for those who already know their guests very well. By knowing why they choose your location, you can allow them to explore topics that interest them.

If you have a guesthouse by the sea, you can tell about interesting facts related to sea life or water sports if your guests are interested in active leisure.

Maybe they are interested in local cuisine. In this case, give them an insight into local traditions, how to prepare traditional dishes, or tell them about the history of specific dishes.

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This is a particularly good idea for brands in the Jester archetype. If your brand has an unconventional marketing strategy, you can use memes to get your audience moving. Plus, memes have a lot of viral potential. Good content will be shared later and can reach a larger audience.

Create a Poll

Another way to interact with your followers is to use Stories stickers on Instagram. A poll is a great way to use it. At the same time, you can learn a lot about the preferences of your guests.

Ask them what they prefer – Italian pizza, Belgian fries, hiking, or laziness on sunbeds. Such preference research may help to improve your offer.

Here are some examples of creative social media polls:

“Destination Dilemma” Polls:

Post a poll featuring two or more potential travel destinations and ask your audience to vote for their preferred choice. This not only engages them in decision-making but also provides valuable insights into their travel preferences. Consider incorporating enticing visuals of each destination to make the choice more compelling.
Example: “Help us plan our next adventure! Should our next destination be the tropical paradise of Bali or the charming streets of Paris 🗼? Vote now and be a part of our journey! “

“Travel Trivia Tuesday” Polls:

Host a weekly or monthly trivia series where you ask travel-related questions in the form of polls. Encourage your audience to test their travel knowledge by voting for the correct answer. This not only educates your followers but also adds an element of fun to your content.
Example: “It’s Travel Trivia Tuesday! What’s the currency of Japan? A) Yen B) Won. Cast your votes and let’s see who gets it right! “

“Packing Preferences” Polls:

Create polls to inquire about your audience’s packing preferences or must-have travel items. This can spark conversations and generate valuable insights for your brand. Consider asking questions about essential travel gadgets, favorite travel snacks, or preferred types of luggage.
Example: “We’re curious! When you travel, are you Team Carry-On Only or Team Check-in Luggage? Cast your votes and share your packing tips!”

“Local Cuisine Showdown” Polls:

Showcase the culinary experiences of different travel destinations by creating polls that compare local cuisines. Feature images of mouth-watering dishes and ask your audience to vote for their favorite. This not only engages food enthusiasts but also promotes the diverse cultural aspects of your travel brand.
Example: “It’s time for a culinary showdown! Which destination’s local cuisine would you love to indulge in – Thai Street Food or Italian Gelato? Vote for your foodie paradise! “

“Choose Our Adventure” Poll Series:

Involve your audience in decision-making by creating a series of polls where they can vote on aspects of your upcoming travel adventure. From selecting activities to choosing accommodations, this collaborative approach not only engages your audience but also makes them feel a part of your brand’s journey.

Share a Sneak Peek

You don’t always have to reveal everything on social media. Giving little sneaks about a new offer or changes will build up the tension. It is also a great opportunity to integrate with your account. Invite users to comment and guess what you have prepared for them.

Share a Success Story

Sharing a success story on social media is a powerful way for a travel brand to connect with its audience, build credibility, and create a positive brand image. Here’s how you can effectively collaborate on this topic:

Crafting Compelling Narratives:

Start by crafting a compelling and authentic narrative around a particular success or achievement. Whether it’s receiving an industry award, achieving a milestone, or a heartwarming guest testimonial, structure the story to evoke emotions and engage your audience. Highlight the challenges faced, the efforts invested, and the ultimate triumph.

Visual Storytelling:

Enhance your success story by incorporating visuals. Share images or videos that capture key moments of the achievement. Visuals not only make the content more appealing but also provide a tangible element to the success story, allowing your audience to visually connect with the journey.

Highlighting Impact:

Emphasize the positive impact of your success on your business, community, or guests. Whether it’s improving services, contributing to local development, or receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers, articulate how the success story aligns with your brand’s values and mission.

Expressing Gratitude:

Take the opportunity to express gratitude towards your team, partners, and, most importantly, your audience. Acknowledge the collective effort that contributed to the success, reinforcing the idea that your brand’s achievements are a shared victory with your community.
Consistent Messaging Across Platforms:

Ensure that your success story is communicated consistently across all your social media platforms. Tailor the content to fit the nuances of each platform, utilizing captions, hashtags, and features specific to each, but maintaining the core message of the success story.

In conclusion, the world of travel and hospitality has undergone a transformative shift with the advent of social media. It has become the language of business owners, providing a platform to connect with potential guests and showcase services. Incorporating these diverse social media content ideas can help travel business owners like you navigate the challenges of creating engaging and authentic content, ultimately building a stronger connection with their audience and fostering brand loyalty.


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