Signs your travel business needs a designer

We live in times when well-tailored marketing is a must for your business. While branding is a crucial tool supporting your message, taking care of it can be strategic. But it’s not only branding. It’s how your company communicates with the audience in general. What kind of design do you use and how it looks? […]
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We live in times when well-tailored marketing is a must for your business. While branding is a crucial tool supporting your message, taking care of it can be strategic.

But it’s not only branding. It’s how your company communicates with the audience in general. What kind of design do you use and how it looks? Providing meaningful content and using the right visual solutions will benefit your business in so many ways.

But if you’re still not sure, you need a specialist who will guide you step by step through the process, help you find the right answers, and implement them in beautiful marketing materials. This list is for you! It contains a few signs that you need a professional graphic designer.

Let’s go!


Your marketing materials look as if in a kaleidoscope

It means they are not consistent. They remind a pile of random advertisements you find every day in your mailbox. Each business card has a different shade of red, your Facebook feed doesn’t grab attention, and your website doesn’t help people to purchase your products.

Successful branding is based on many important elements. One of them is unified graphic design. The best marketing strategy won’t work when not supported by strong, consistent visual elements.

Imagine an ant. This hardworking creature can’t do much while working alone, no matter how much it tries. If the queen decides to send only one helot to the forest to bring the necessary food supply, the mission will fail. Ants gather in groups and work together for the success of the herd. Working together towards a goal is crucial for their survival.

This is how unified marketing materials work for your company. A single element can’t do much, but using the right tools, and different channels strategically and systematically will truly help to elevate your business to another level.

Consistent design makes a bigger impact, is more memorable, and will stay with the customer for longer.

To make sure your campaigns will pay off, you should work with a specialist who will help you establish your visual strategy and suggest the best solutions. Unified materials will be an important base for your communication and will help you create a strong connection with the audience.

Your design materials are of low-quality

The print house rejected your project again due to the low resolutions of the images, but on a computer, they looked just right. Colors in your brochures look different than the last time you printed them, pictures are pixelated, and fonts changed in post-production.

No matter what you do – work on an online campaign, print materials, or social media content, you need to follow specific technical requirements. If you decide to do it by yourself, more likely you will waste a lot of time going through endless guidelines and revisions. This can negatively influence your business. The time you could spend on networking, contacting your clients, and trying to improve your products, you spend digging into graphic design tutorials.

Not every person will be able to point out your mistakes, but most of them will be able to say which brochure looks professional. If you just started your company or you have a well-prosperous business, it’s always better to hire someone who will take care of your projects from brief to implementation and save you a lot of money and time.

Your designs look outdated

We don’t want to follow the trends blindly, but we need to update our designs according to changes that happen around us. Even the biggest players constantly work on their communication to fit into a new reality. Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook. Some of them went through radical changes, and some decided to invest in a subtle redesign, but all of them know how crucial it is to adapt to the market.

Because design is not only about what we like and what looks pretty, it’s mostly about functionality, readability, and usability. Alongside changes in society, an evolution of consumer values, and technology, it’s good to check if your brand meets new requirements.

We don’t need to look far. You can open your browser and quickly find websites stuck somewhere in the late 90s – non-responsive, bad user experience, overwhelming glitter.

What does it say to the user? Possibly, our service or product is outdated, we have stayed in one place since Windows 95, we don’t care about their needs, and we don’t update our knowledge. It’s hard to build trust based on this.

If you have difficulties finding out if your branding is outdated it’s good to contact a professional who will be able to propose an action plan to bring your brand to life again.

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You feel you need a change

You’re not the only one tired of the same ideas around your brand. Your clients are not impressed either. Sometimes you need just a small change to feel the fresh breeze again. An additional pair of eyes on your team can bring you unexpected, positive results.

A good designer will determine if your identity needs a redesign or a small lifting. They will help you avoid the unnecessary costs of wrong decisions.

Your message doesn’t reach the right people

It’s a part of a bigger problem, and bad design is only one of the things to blame here. If you have issues with reaching the right audience, and you feel like your message disappears into a void, you should take a closer look at your visual strategy.

We need to understand that our customers buy with their eyes. Again – the first impression matters.

Small enterprises fight for attention and compete with big corporations with even bigger budgets. There is no place for mistakes. We need to reach our audience and get right to the point. Otherwise, it will be hard to break through with our message.

A good strategy is crucial. Make sure you know your target group, your goals, and your mission. Think about what you want to communicate, and what is important for you. If you have problems answering these questions, I can help you jump on the right track.


These are only a few signs of why you might need a professional designer. If you don’t have a budget to hire an in-house professional, collaboration with a freelancer can do the work for you. In No One Way Studio, we collaborate with specialist to make sure we cover the specific needs of your studio at a reasonable cost.

Contact us now if you need to redesign your materials, create a new visual strategy for your company, or you simply don’t know where to start. We will guide you step by step through the process and make sure we are on the same page working towards your success.


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